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Lily Luna Potter
14 February
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growing up is overrated

Lily Luna Potter
daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter
younger sister of Albus and James Potter
engaged to Finn Burrows
twenty four years old
owns her own boutique in Diagon Alley
pregnant with twins
still just that little bit of a fuck up

After leaving Hogwarts Lily decided she wanted to do something other than the usual “join the Ministry and be a success”. Instead of using her excellent grades to get a Ministry job she instead got a part time job at Madam Malkin's and lived with her parents until she could make enough money to rent the flat above the shop. There she lives with her fiancé, Finn. She's also pregnant with his children and despite being extremely nervous, is happy to be starting a family. When Madam Malkin's closed down she bought the property for herself and is currently in the process of setting up her own boutique and trying to do things right for once. Although the latter might take a little more work.

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